Who am I?

Hi, I am Daniel, the founder of Betawins.

I am an entrepreneur & sports betting analyst from Hamburg, Germany.

My goal is to make you a smarter and more profitable sports bettor. Long term. 

Are you ready to go on a ride?


How did I get started with this rare profession? Since I was a teenager, I have been passionate about sports – I even played American football on an amateur level. The high drama involved in sporting events and the uncertainty of the outcome caught me ever since then. Betting started as a hobby but became my profession out of passion. Betting is more than entertainment to me. At its highest level it is like math. It’s predictable if you can handle data. Betting is a science. I can help you make your sports betting a success by sharing my knowledge with you. 

Is sport betting like a rollercoaster ride to you? Are you having some winning stretches here and there but nothing consistent? Have you bet a huge amount of money for no legit reason  and ended up wiping out your bankroll within a few hours? And did you try to recover your bankroll with one huge bet and lost it all?

When you can answer these questions with YES and you’re sick of losing money then you are absolutely right here. 

Betting is a serious business. It’s about the right mindset and executing a strategy with discipline. Watching games and reading newspapers is not enough. Professional bettors like me are spending hours researching, analyzing and evaluating games and data. The ups and downs of the game leave me unimpressed as I know I will win in the long run. I don’t stop learning and improving. Therefore, I record my bets to evaluate my performance and adjust when necessary. I work hard, because good is not good enough. Betawins can help you to multiply your bankroll. We will help you develop the necessary discipline and mindset to become a professional sports bettor.

The reality is that at least 90% of the people betting on sports are losing long term. The answer is simple: they are looking at it the wrong way. There are loads of websites giving advice on betting strategies, but Betawins is different. Betawins wants to change the way you think – your mindset. It’s our goal to make you a long-term winner and help you to avoid the common mistakes among most bettors: overconfidence, irrationality and emotion.

Betawins offers sports betting analysis and predictions for different sporting events. However, our main goal is to help you to make successful selections on your own. As Confucius would say: „Give out a betting tip to a man and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to bet on sports and you feed him for life.”

Join the Betawins community and start becoming a winning sports bettor. You will not regret it!