How to deal with uncertainty when betting on sports

“Are your bets ‘safe’?”

Every time I’m asked this question, I have to smile a little.

It implies that in my role as a professional sports bettor, I would never be wrong. The need for security is human nature but it is put to the test in the world of investments and sports betting.

How often have you had the feeling that a game is “safe” and you can raise the stakes because the outcome is practically clear, only to find that everything turns out quite differently.

And then one says to oneself again that sport is unpredictable and sport bets are stamped as gambling.

The reality is: There are no “safe” bets.

Mobile phone at the office with sports betting website in the screen, placed at the office.

A bet that is “100% safe” simply does not exist.

If there were such a thing, it would certainly be an easy decision to push all your money across the counter and say to your bookie, “I’m all-in!”

But even the best sports betting professionals in the world have a win rate of only 55 to max 57%.

Even with an advantage over the bookie, a professional sports bettor would never bet their entire bankroll on a single game.

A real professional sports bettor is not looking for “guaranteed winners” or “sure bets”.

They are looking for bets with positive expected value.

They look for the best odds they can find because they base their bets on win probabilities.

If a betting professional has calculated a team’s chances of winning at 60% and a bookmaker has set their odds at 55%, then the bets in that particular situation are valuable.

60% – 55% means that he has a positive expected value of 5%. It doesn’t mean that he will definitely win the bet, but it does mean that you get a good price for the odds offered.

In this particular scenario, a 10% return on investment is predicted if one bets consistently over a large sample size.

However, the challenge is to continuously identify bets with positive expected value in the betting market, which is hard and time-consuming work.

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